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Student Engagement Team

There is a direct link between students' well being and their academic success. Our Student Engagement Team is dedicated to supporting student wellbeing and lifting up our students, families, and educators with a network of support! The Monroe-Gregg School District Student Engagement Team is a dedicated to the academic, social, and emotional success of all students.  Our team of professionals work with students in a variety of different capacities including classroom lessons, group, or individual counseling. Our Team promotes a positive environment that enhances students' ability to properly manage the social/emotional demands of their lives.  Our professionals are available to students, parents, teachers, and administration to discuss student concerns and develop proactive plans for student development and achievement.  

The Student Engagement Team helps students grow personally, socially, and emotionally in:

  • Developing self-knowledge
  • Making effective decisions
  • Developing relationship skills
  • Making healthy life choices
  • Resolving conflicts

In our secondary buildings, the Engagement Team assists students in their educational planning by:

  • Developing an educational plan
  • Providing academic advising
  • Exploring college and career opportunities
  • Using tools to determine post secondary options



Kelly Gilkerson
Elementary School Therapist
317-996-2246 ext. 4007

Kristin Everett
MS/HS Adult & Child Mental Health Clinician
317-996-2352 ext. 3012

Kayla Shade
Adult & Child Mental Health Clinician
317-996-2352 ext. 3127

Gretchen Knock
HS Guidance Counselor (A-L)
317-996-2258, ext. 2012

Joanie Stader
HS Guidance Counselor (K-Z)
317-996-2258, ext. 2011

Lynda Herr
Administrative Assistant
317-996-2258, ext. 2010