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The Monroe-Gregg School District operates a comprehensive special education program for students Ages 3 – 22. All programs are operated in accordance with Indiana’s Article 7 and the federal government’s IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), both govern the provision of special education. MGSD provides a continuum of services ranging from consultative services, learning center, self-contained and if necessary off site facilities. Services are solely dependent upon the individual needs of the student.

Eligibility for special education services is determined through an evaluation process. The evaluation can be initiated either by the school or the parent. Once a request is made, each schools’ Multidisciplinary Team meets to determine what the immediate needs of the student are. Two recommendations come out the meeting: # 1. A plan is written (Response to Instruction) to address concerns and/or needs, data is kept, and then in 9-12 weeks the team convenes again to see if progress has been made. If the student is making progress utilizing the plan, it stays in place; if not the committee may recommend additional testing. Response to Instruction is a three-tiered process and if after progress is not made, the school has 20 school days to complete the evaluation. #2. A student is recommended for an immediate evaluation and that testing must be completed within 50 school days once parents give permission.

Once testing is completed, a Case Conference Committee (CCC) meeting is scheduled and the evaluation is discussed. The committee is made up of the teachers, parents, school psychologist, related personnel, special education director and a building administrator. A special education teacher also attends in case placement is considered. If a child is given and Individualized Education Plan, the CCC meets annually to update it, write new goals, add testing accommodations, or any other services required to help the student become successful.

If you have any questions/concerns about your child and would like to know if they might need services, please contact your child’s teacher, guidance counselor or the Director of Special Education.

Melissa Lancaster
Special Education Director
317-996-2258 x2216

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