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Reading Program

The Monrovia Branch Library is offering an end of school year reading program.  Our Teen Spring Reading Challenge is just for the month of May and open to grades 6-12.  Students will be asked  to track the number of books they read during May and then write a review for each one.  The reviews will double as entries in a drawing for a prize.  The prize is still to be determined but it'll probably a $25 gift card to the location of their choice.  Students can sign up and pick up review forms at the public library.


In addition to this, The Monrovia Branch will still offer their annual summer reading program from June 1st to August 1st. 


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New Raptor Sign-In Process:


In a continued effort to keep our students and staff safe during school hours, our schools will be implementing a new process for visitors. We would like to introduce you to another new system being installed in our schools to help protect our children. The V-soft system by Raptor Technologies will help us track visitors, contractors and volunteers at our schools, thus providing a more secure environment for all students and staff.

As you may have seen, all of our schools utilize a camera phone buzz in system to gain access to the building between 7:53 am and 2:40 pm. Upon entering the building, visitors are directed to the main office and greeted by our staff. The new process continues this procedure and adds an extra layer of security.

When visitors, contractors or volunteers check in or when parents come to pick up students, they will be asked to present a valid state-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or military ID). This will be scanned into the system and it will provide automatic badges with names and date stamps for the visit. All visitors will be asked to present a valid photo ID when entering our schools beginning on Monday, February 3rd, 2014.

As always, we ask that parents be sure to update their child’s school profile with any changes as to whom may pick up their child, custody changes, and/or contacts whenever cell phone numbers, emails, caregivers or other information changes. Your child’s school office can assist you with this process.

We appreciate your help and support in helping keep our schools as safe as possible. If you have questions regarding the system, please contact your child’s school office. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience with this matter.


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Our Mission

The Mission of the Monroe-Gregg School District is to Provide
An Appropriate Educational Program and Learning Environment
Which will Effectively
Meet the Educational Needs of its Students;
Help its Students Accomplish Educational Goals
Which are Significant, Durable, and Transferable.


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